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Young Water LeadersCreated by Robert Brears so current leaders can guide future leaders to ensure water security for today’s and future generations.

Freshwater for Food and Nutrition Security in SIDS: SIWI World Water Week

The Green Economy

Taking a glimpse of the journey of a young water expert


Meet Julie Bliss Mullen, The Under 30 Honoree Working To Solve The Clean Water Crisis

Bacteria and turbidity: Young Scientists develop solution to monitoring private wells

Water Treatment skill wins - Gold Medal in World Skill Contest

This Company Utilizes Advanced Supramolecular Chemistry Methods to Tackle Water Pollution

Meet Clean Water Researchers Working on New Technologies to Beat Contaminants Once and for All

Water Filtering Device Designed after the Traditional Sari (Video)

Macinley Butson from Australia wins Junior Water Prize 2019

How to Design Decentralized Water Treatment Targeting Specific Pollutants in Drinking Water (Video)

Irish Teen Wins a Grand Prize at Google Science Fair 2019 For Removing Microplastics From Water

Engineering Professor Awarded NSF Grant for Advanced Water Treatment (Video)

Top 10 Country Comparison - Freshwater Withdrawal Consumption (Video)

PhD students awarded J-WAFS fellowships for water solutions

U.S. Stockholm Junior Water Prize

SimCLIM for Labs: A Tertiary Climate Change Education Initiative

Introducing Steam Boiler Water Treatment Deep Training Course (Video)

Meet the Teens Who Organized WALK FOR WATER Event for all Manitoba First Nations Communities

Introducing new video tutorial channel

Tech hacks by Indian teams to combat global water crisis

Undergrad Research Finds Parental Habits Have Effects on Children's Water Use

School Of ​Mines Creates ​Water Treatment ​Technology Hub ​to Bridge Research and Commercialization

Meet a Young Engineer Turned Entrepreneur Who is Revolutionizing Water Treatment (Video)

Sait Institute Introduces First Integrated Water Program Diploma In Canada

Students Help Orphanage in Tanzania with Water Supply

Vision & Mission Of WTMD-CSIR, NEERI, Nagpur India

Ozwater’19 International Young Water Professional Scholarship: Call for Expressions of Interest

Why Should You Consider a Career in Industrial Water Treatment?

The Intelligent Water Systems Challenge Is Looking for Innovative Water Technology

IWA Publishing Partners Up with Knowledge Unlatched to Make 14 Book Titles Open Access

Introduction to Water Resources Engineering and Management Programs at Universität Stuttgart (Video)

Next Generation of Leading Water Scientists and Engineers to be Trained at Cranfield University

Indiana Students are Bringing Clean Water to Villagers in Nepal (Video)

Student Workshop on Water Quality Management by Stroud Water Research Center

A Brainstorming ​​event on ​​ “Water ​​and Wastewater ​​Start-ups ​​Ideas”​​

Efficacy of Water Disinfectants Towards Water Purification (Video Interview)

Researchers​ Developed ​a Sustainable Self-efficient ​Water Supply ​for Tourist ​Resorts in ​Yucatan

Water Management Student Wins Climate Change Student Competition

The Ivanhoe Foundation Supporting Future Global Leaders


World Architecture Festival Reveals Winner of Inaugural Water Research Prize

Water Leader to Evaluate Effectiveness of Water Disinfection Treatments

Smart Water, Smart Metering – Mark and Focus – Medium

The Rise of the Machines (in managing water)

Anglian Water Financing a Greener Future

Leading Water Utilities Reducing Water-Energy Nexus Pressures

Stormwater Harvesting Greening Melbourne

Cutting the Water-Energy Nexus Down Under

21st Century Water and Resource Management

Germany’s 2022 Circular Economy

Stockholm Junior Water Prize 2018 Winners Announced!

San Francisco Keeping its Water Local

Join Our ​Future Water in ​Berlin

Protecting the Source of Our Precious Water

Industrialization of Water

The Green Economy and the Water-Energy-Food Nexus

Water-Efficient Urban Farms Sprouting Up

Our Future Water Berlin: Early Bird tickets on sale

Best Practices in Water Management - July

Energy Crops and Food Waste Powering a Water Utility

Our Future Water Berlin - GWP

Innovative Solutions to Water Scarcity in England

Developing alternative water supplies

Singapore’s robotic swans testing water quality

Our Future Water Berlin Event: Program Out Now

Europe’s New Water

Best Practices in Water Management

Mark and Focus Vol 1 Issue 1

The Water-Energy Nexus in Athens

Fit for Purpose Recycled Water in Australia

Our Future Water Berlin Event: Early Bird Tickets on sale now

NYC’s Big Water Savings Goal

Stockholm Turning Wastewater into Resourcewater

San Francisco’s Green-Grey Infrastructure

Smart cities: Facts to consider

Hamburg Wasser Keeping Polar Bears Cool

Scotland’s Wastewater-to-Heat Initiative

NYC’s Green Infrastructure Expansion

LA’s Stormwater Key to Water Security

Blue and Green Cities The Role of Blue-Green Infrastructure in Managing Urban Water Resources

Sustainability Victoria’s Smart Grants Boosting the Circular Economy

1,000th Question of the Day - Industrial Water Treatment

Australia’s Most Water-Efficient Housing Development

Hong Kong’s Futuristic Waste-to-Energy Facility

Building a Climate Resilient, Blue-Green Oslo

Water Sensitive Farming Keeping Drinking Water Pure

Building Green Cities

The Role of Public Private Partnership in Water Supply of Somalia

Melbourne Water Harnessing Renewable Energy

The Circular Water Economy: Capturing Every Drop

UC Irvine Division Announces New Four-Course Water-Energy Nexus Certificate Program

Our Future Water Partnering with World Bank’s Connect4Climate

Mark and Focus Vol 1 issue 1

WaterHack18: Beer Made From Recycled Water Saving the World

Water management in farming challenge for Oman: MEDRC

Call for Papers for a Special Issue on “Water Security”

New Opportunities to Learn About Water Research and Technology

New York City Embracing Future Water Challenges

Our Future Water: Young Water Leaders Berlin Event - GWP

Tiny Membrane Makes Sydney Harbour "Drinkable"

Fixing Cities' Water Crises Could Send our Climate Targets down the Gurgler

Cutting the Urbanization-Water Link

Water Efficiency Policy: A Technological High-Water Mark?

This Hydropower Harnesses Energy One Water Drop at a Time

Our Future Water: Young Water Leaders Berlin Event: Nov 7, 2018

China likely to wield more soft power in coming decades

The Green Building Blocks of Cities

Nationalising Water Industry Could Cost Taxpayers £90bn

Singapore Earmarks $22.6M for Water Treatment Tech

Waste In, Resources Out

Water Management is Health Management

A Paradigm Shift in Water Quality Governance in a Transitional Context

Share the Wealth: A Cap-And-Trade System of Water Conservation and Resiliency?

A Sociological Framework for Singapore’s ABC Water Programme

Towards a Circular Vlieland: lessons in island sustainability — Metabolic

Building a Resilient Future: One Drop At a Time

Climate and Tech Pose the Biggest Risks to Our World in 2018

A Water-Secure Future for Cities

Wastewater: A Trifecta of Resources

CES 2018: Zero Mass Wants to Get Water Off the Grid and Onto Your Roof

Digital Skills Gap Now Impacting 54 percent of Businesses

SUNY Ulster Offers Wastewater, Water System Operator Courses

How Cities Can Reduce the Urban-Water-Food Nexus

A Floating House to Resist the Floods of Climate Change

VIP Passes for the Water Show Africa 2018


Engineers Make Wearable Sensors for Plants To Measure Water Use in Crops

The Seven Pillars of the Circular Economy— Metabolic

SDG 6 - 2018 Synthesis Report on Water and Sanitation: To be launched in June 2018| UN-Water

MIT Scientists Develop Method To Clean Water Using Electricity

Forests are Key to Fresh Water

Assessing Local Knowledge Of The Disasters Risk Reduction Concept

Machine that Extracts Water from Air Repurposed for Humanitarian Efforts

Making Water ​Research Pay ​Off – The ​Success Story ​of NEWRI

Natural Resource Management and the Circular Economy | Robert Brears | Palgrave Macmillan

Water Security in 2017

Student Team from India wins Xylem Water Prize

What a Group of 12-year-old Coders Can Do - App Test for Lead

Water Ministry to Float Tender for Mega Solar Plant in South of Jordan

​Better ​Education and ​Data Collection ​Can Further ​Water (and ​Energy) Savings ​(Study)

Frontiers 2017: Emerging Issues of Environmental Concern | UN Environment

Wastewater Treatment Plants Becoming Prosumers

A/D/O Launches Research Programme to Develop Better Designs for Drinking

Silicon Valley Wants to Solve Our Water Problems

Green Roofs Mitigating the Risks of Climate Change

Otago University Researchers Lauded for World Leading Freshwater Study

Start Up Energy Transition Award 2018: Apply Now

The Future of Floating Cities and the Realities

A Drone Inspecting Singapore’s Sewerage System

Feeding the World With Vertical Farming Technology

Meet Zero Mass Water, Whose Solar Panels Pull Drinking Water From The Air

Green Infrastructure Offers Value-for-Money Solution to Flooding

Futuristic Grey+Green Infrastructure in Copenhagen

Green Growth and the Water-Energy-Food Nexus

World Bank: Call for Submission of Experiences for Youth Involvement in Water

Global Water Report 2017 - CDP

Water Risks Still 'Invisible' to the Finance Sector: ING

Welsh Water Investing Over £1m a Day in Improving Services

Groundbreaking Course in Regenerative Organic Agriculture: New Zealand

WEF Announces ​Application ​Period For 2018 ​Water ​Leadership ​Institute ​

Life Cycle Thinking to Save Water in Buildings

Water-Energy Nexus Journal: Call for Submissions

Building Toilets With Poo Power

University Alliance Awarded £2m to Train a New Generation of Freshwater Leaders

Water Wizards: Dutch Flood Expertise is Big Export Business

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority Continues Smart Transformation and Tests Blockchain

Creating Water Efficient Businesses

World Water Council: Water Infrastructure Investment Must Triple to Combat Climate Change

Indigenous Communities and McMaster Lab Partner in Water Quality Research

What Is The Resilient Cities Examples Around The World ?

Resilient and Responsible Architecture and Urbanism

Optimising Australia’s Future Water Resources

Green Infrastructure Needed to Future-Proof the City

Making Water Safer with UV Light - Hometown Water Woes Inspire Student's Research

Launched: Climate Change Adaptation Technologies for Water

8 Designs that Respond to the Threat of Climate Change

Changing of the Climate

Wising Up to Water

Like Good Beer?  Then Defend Clean Water, Montana Brewers Say

Water's Promise

Onsite Non-Potable Water Systems Are Taking the Country By Storm, But What Are They?

Wetsus Wins Stage 2 of the George Barley Water Prize -

International Workshop for Coastal Reservoir Research

Put Your Money Where Your Water Is: The Global Call for Water Stewardship

The Lone Star State’s Smart Water Leader

100 Data Science Interns to Tackle Cape Town Water Shortages

Nalco's Water University in Naperville to Teach Conservation, Innovation

ISU Plans Center To Address 'Real World' Problems Of Clean Water

World unique technology for Sludge treatment

New Tech Aims To Make Purified Water Accessible For All

The Sunshine State’s More Crop Per Drop Program

Water Pump With No Moving Parts?

Internet of Water Could Revolutionize Water Management

The Best Investment Opportunity Ever: Investing In Nature 101

Introducing a New Mobile Technology for Monitoring Water Usage on Farms

This 'Genius' Architect Just Won $625,000 to Save Cities from Rising Sea Levels

NYC’s Water-Energy-Carbon Nexus

UA Team Builds Desalination Plants for Water-Scarce Navajo Reservation

A&M Professor Seeks to Help Purify Water

UK Water Utility's Green Bond is Start of a "New Wave": ING

Project to Recover Vital Phosphorus from Waste Water

Danish Company Produces Smart Sensor Solution to Help Save Water

An Education in Water at the UWM School of Freshwater Sciences

Tailor-made Industrial Water

Coastal Reservoir-a Technology that May Dominate Future Water Supply

Motivated to Help People to Help Themselves with Clean Water Supply

The Green Economy and the Water-Energy-Food Nexus: Best Practices in the Danube Region

Call for Papers Open Now | YWP Conference 22-24 Feb 2018

Dubai to Host 2019 Water Congress

Commentary: Waste Not, Want Not

Critical Success Factors for Resilient Water Infrastructure

Want Resilient Cities? Try A National Policy On Green Infrastructure

New Challenges, New Approaches, New Technologies

Scientists Can Make Energy From Water Evaporating

Future Water Utility: Wastewater is Not Waste

Testing a New Water Security Approach for Urban Slums

Leaf sensors can tell farmers when crops need to be watered

Facilitating the financing of Water and Sanitation market-based projects

Frankische - Asia-Pac Regional Manager - Drainage Systems

Pumped hydro could store 1,000 times more renewable energy than Australia will ever need

Governing the reuse of treated wastewater in irrigation: the case study of Jericho, Palestine

Use it or lose it: Turn on Desal Plant in Wet Years to Beat Next Dry, Expert Says

Stockholm ​Junior Water ​Prize Winners

Denmark makes deal on water with California

Can IoT protect communities when the next floods come?

Green Roofs for Stormwater Management and Mitigating Climate Change

Innovation in the face of water scarcity

Small-Scale Rainwater Harvesting Made Simpler by Studio Bas Van der Veer

Recycling wastewater an option to counter water scarcity

Capitalizing on the food-water-energy nexus through wastewater treatment

New Technologies for Smarter Water Efficiency

Green Economy: The WEF Nexus and Green Growth

The Cities Of The 21st Century Will Be Defined By Water

Berlin’s Climate Neutral Action Plan

Auckland Council thinks clearly on water's future

Finding Solutions for World Water Shortage

London calling to green Infrastructure

Nanomaterials Could Combat Climate Change and Reduce Pollution

5 takeaways from Stockholm World Water Week | Devex

Case study suggests new approach to urban water supply

Cities and companies team up to tackle urban water crises: study

LA’s green growth plan in action

Building a resilient NYC

Helsinki’s Cool Green Factor