Best Practices in Water Management - July

Best Practices in Water Management - July

Europe’s New Water

Water is a limited resource in the European Union ( EU), with one- third of the EU territory experiencing water stress. Read how Malta, a semi-arid country located in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, is developing a New Water solution to ensure water security. Read more here

Singapore’s robotic swans testing water quality

Singapore’ s water reservoirs are home to a variety of natural inhabitants including smooth-coated otters. Adding to this are five swans. The catch is these swans are robots. Read more here

Developing alternative water supplies

Even after the successful implementation of demand management strategies to balance rising demand with limited supplies of water, there are regions around the world where water scarcity has required the seeking of alternative water supply sources. Read more here

Innovative Solutions to Water Scarcity in England

The East of England’s water resources are challenged by a variety of mega-trends. Read how Anglian Water has formed the Water Resources East (WRE) initiative to bring stakeholders together to manage shared water resources wisely. Read more here

Energy Crops and Food Waste Powering a Water Utility

The UK’ s water utility Severn Trent is aiming to generate 50% of its own energy by 2020, up from 38% today. To reach this goal, the utility has developed one of the largest energy crop plants in the UK as well as opened its second food waste plant. Read more here

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