Global Water Report 2017 - CDP

Global Water Report 2017 -

An increasing number of companies are waking up to the importance of water security, and CDP's 2017 Global Water Report shows a 193% increase in businesses leading the way on water stewardship.

A water-secure world is possible, and the transition is underway. But to deliver it, water must be recognized as a fundamental asset for all companies and cities across the globe.

The board is realizing the real value of water


In 2017,  535 companies (70%) have board-level oversight of water iissues, and are reaping the rewards, including market differentiation, shareholder confidence and business resilience.

And greater oversight is driving action and a small vanguard of companies (7%), including Diageo, Colgate, Palmolive, and Nestle are now  establishing internal values on water to account for social and environmental costs and benefits .

By providing board members with the information and tools to truly value water, companies are better able to plan for the  transition to a water-secure world.

Greater insight is leading to greater investment

The transition to a water-secure future is well underway. A growing number of companies are beginning to move ahead of the pack, and invest time, money and effort into addressing water security.

In 2017, companies committed US$23.4 billion across more than  1,000 projects to tackle water risks across 91 countries worldwide , including desalination, reclaiming waste-water and improving irrigation to avoid droughts.

This is a step in the right direction, but there is still a long way to go. According to the G20, meeting the targets for water set out in the  UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) requires US$6.4 trillion by nations, states, cities, and companies by 2030.


Companies understand that the first step is disclosure

CDP now holds the world’s largest corporate water dataset, with more companies reporting than ever before. In 2017, 2,025 companies worth approximately  US$20 trillion in market capitalization .

This year, 74 reporting companies achieved an A score from CDP, including Burberry, Ford MotorsMitsubishi Electric, Kellogg's and Woolworths. This is up from just 25 in 2016.

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