Researchers​ Developed ​a Sustainable Self-efficient ​Water Supply ​for Tourist ​Resorts in ​Yucatan

Researchers​ Developed ​a Sustainable Self-efficient ​Water Supply ​for Tourist ​Resorts in ​Yucatan

In the area of Quintana Roo, Yucatan, over 96.000 people suffer from a lack of access to enough fresh water, while the tourist sector keeps growing fast. As part of their studies International Entrepreneurship and Development at the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands, three young researchers have taken on a project of Sustainable Water Management in the area of Quintana Roo.

Pascalle Jansen, Koen Verloop and Marijn Leidelmeijer, Image source: The Yucatan Times

They soon realized only a small number of resorts and high-end hotels have their own desalination plant. In order to change that, they contacted the Technical University of Delft and the Dutch company Elemental Water Makers to further conduct their research.

Their goal was to find innovative solutions and to eventually reach a situation where the tourism sector is self-sufficient, independently supplying itself with a reliable amount of fresh water. Eventually, they found a solution for which they believe that only sustainable technique could reduce pressure on the limited fresh water available, whilst reducing the environmental impact to a minimum.

At the moment, the Delft University team is looking for opportunities to expand and bring this new technology into the Quintana Roo area and they are looking forward to get in touch with more interested parties. 

You can reach out to them HERE. Learn more about their research on The Yucatan Times