sudarshan rajendran

sudarshan rajendrani am an eco-entrepreneur, with more than 10 years experience in renewable energy and clean technology. i am involved in developing innovative ideas in waste water treatment and other sustainable ideas. i am actively involved with two organisations, i am asscociated with Alternative Living Solutions, U.K, in developing a unique system to treat waste water in high density populated areas, like the slums of Mumbai, India. And also I am the Director of Eco Health UK Pvt Ltd, we have developed a unique solution to treat waste water to drinking quality. we provide non-toxic, biological plant extracted solutions to treat waste water in large municipal, commercial, Industrial, housing communities centres within U.K and the E.U. We have about 30 innovative patents, all of them Disruptive in nature. I am looking for collaborations from Interested parties such as Investors, Industry stakeholders, NGO's, The European Union members, Governmnent, Private and Public sector companies etc.. to expand by business in the EU and U.K