Spandana Bandela, Student Worker at Texas A & M University, kingsville

I am a graduate student at Texas A & M university majoring in Civil Engineering soon to acquire EIT certification. I have a great respect and love towards my subject and would always aspire to be called a professional Civil Engineer.

I am more interested in hydraulics and transportation engineering. The 9 month water recycling project I have done in my undergraduation has led me to this level of interest in hydraulics. Visiting a black water treatment plant in Bangalore and meeting a great researcher S. Vishwanath for his guidance was of great experience for me. I worked on Grey water Recycling and designed a household level recycling unit for a community. 

Also having done many transportation engineering projects in my masters my interest level in transportation engineering grew for each project. 

Having worked as an intern at "Rajiv Vidya Mission" as a part of a government project constructing a government girls high school in 2014 for a period of 3 months, I acquired my first experience to work on-site. Working on several surveying techniques including total station at "Survey of India" added more efficiency as a learning-stage engineer. I was also a student co-ordinator for the Indian Concrete Institute (ICI) on behalf of my undergraduate college where I gathered an opportunity to attend many national conferences on new techniques implemented in the world of concrete. 

Presently, I am working with thesis on Projection of climate change of Corpus Christi area within the years 2018-2027 and downscaling the data using a statistical downscaling tool, "Statistical Downscaling Model (SDSM)". This research includes the evaluation and validation of the climate models. 

I am an Indian woman having a hands-on experience with useful software programs like AutoCAD, STAADPro, ArcGIS and real time projects as an intern at Hyderabad warmly welcoming any opportunity given to me in my interested field of study.