Roger Autrey, A New Active Water Leak Device for Toilets

Roger Autrey, A New Active Water Leak Device for Toilets

Raising capital and/or JV partners for proof of concept for an Active Water Leak Device patented in the United States and Canada that constantly monitors the flow signature of the toilet. Any water flow that is inconsistent with proper operation is identified and stopped. The Flow Stop device protects water from going on the floor and from wasting water down the drain. This approach not only prevents damage from overflowing toilets, but also failure modes where the water is lost down the drain due to flapper valve and fill valve related issues. This devise can also protect the toilet supply line.

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Permian Basin

Midland Basin

Delaware Basin

Bend Arch

Matador Arch



Cooper/Eromanga Basin

Georgina Basin

Officer Basin

Gippsland Basin

Carnarvon Basin



Liberia-Sierra Leone Basin

Mogadishu/Coriole Basin