Pradeep Mohapatra, Project Director at SWRC & Agragamee

Pradeep Mohapatra, Project Director at SWRC & Agragamee

Am a  Development Catalyst with 30 years of experience in managing human relationships, environmental and development initiatives especially on Community Resilience with reference to Climate Change & Disaster Vulnerabilities.   I have   exposed to  working relationship with local, regional, international NGOs  , Inter-governmental  organizations  along with government  and PSU  from State and government of India  (CAPART, NEAB from land water forest Resources) &  has  shouldered responsibility in undertaking massive livelihoods-restoration  from super-cyclone-1999 with Care-India.,+udyama&start=10&sa=N

Am  spearheading UDYAMA, ( ) as founder , undertaking  responsibility of citizen-action on  minimizing adverse impact of climate change and  DRR ,END-WATER-POVERTY-campaign, Deepening-Governance & Capitalizing-Mainstream resources-impact-towards livelihoods & Community-Disaster-Resilient-process  along with life-skill-building  and demonstrating sustainable food systems  with  rejuvenating rich human, social & ecological  capital  at local level liking with global perspective. Am a  team-player working in tough & challenging-conditions & managing-major conflicts are his strength , undertakes citizen action on  minimizing  risks due to climate induced disasters as one of the  Next-Development-Challenges. Am advocating local action & community resilience with added skill building, Do No Harm , Peace building ,  justice   & against  social stigma  for  better wellbeing with  global networking   towards disaster resilient development and environmental sustainability.

Professional Association

· Network Member of Ecosystem Service Partnership,

· Life-member of Indian Association of Soil and Water-Conservation, Deheradun, India.

· Life-Member of Orissa Environmental Society, Bhubaneswar.

· Life member  India Water Partnership ( GWP) , Water Climate Coalition –Stakeholders forum

· Life Member of Indian Red Cross society, MANAGE, HYDERABAD, India- RRA , SRI India ,- Stakeholder Forum,End Water Poverty Campaign,

· Network Member of KNP+ & Do No Harm, Peace Building & Justice

· Network member at UNECOSOC, UNEP-SCP, FAO, UNISDR, WOCAT, CTCN, Water allies water & Climate Coalition, UN GLOBAL COMPACT-, TISS CSR Hub, IICA, FICCI, CIISusanA-Water & Sanitation ,SAMHITA, CLEAN, NDMA, OSDMA, SPHERE, WSSCCC, Hunger & Poverty , National-Institutes of Environment-Professionals, Urban Poverty , Migration & livelihoods, Global Network Member of DRR , ACCCRN  ,CANSA, weAdapt, WOCAT-GNDR, Disaster Resilient Development  forum , International-climate-variability & change

· Observer  at UNFCC, UNCCD, Roster Expert UNHABITAT- CDKN-

Additional Honors & Awards gained in UDYAMA.

· 2006- Best NGO Awarad for Rual Reconstruction & Environment 
2008- Participation Award for the year of International Year of sanitation
-2009- best Social organization 
-2010- best organisation in social service 
-2010- Utkal Gourav award - Sishu samaj

· Accredited to End water Poverty Campaign
2012- Accreditation from UNCONGO

·  Partner To Global Water Partnership
2012- the  e-ngo award from DEF - 

· 2014- International Award for Environment -
2014- member organisation Citynets
Accredited to NIOS National Institute for Open Schooling , Ministry of HRD, GoI,

2015 Accredited to Low carbon Development Strategies

2015 Accredited to Sustainable Water and Sanitation for all,

2016 Accredited to Global Environment Facility

2016-UNESCO-water Digest Award for Best NGO on Water Harvesting

2016 Partner In sanitation &  Water  for  All

2017- Partner with Sensitize to Sanitize  (S2S)

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