Oriol Palom, Climate and Risk Business Manager at Meteosim, S.L.

Oriol Palom, Climate and Risk Business Manager at Meteosim, S.L.Currently I'm working for Meteosim promoting climate and risk opportunities with a special focus in developing countries (LATAM and Africa). At Meteosim, we provide services for organizations that are sensitive to meteorology, climate and air quality in Europe and Latin America.

For nearly three years I have held the management of a research center on climate science, coordinating the areas of administration and finance, human resources, purchasing, IT and fundraising.

Previously, I worked for more than 12 years as a consultant and teacher on issues related with strategy, sustainability, environmental management, entrepreneurship and management of SMEs.

Main skills:
Strategic management (planning and implementation)
Business growth through a partnership approach
Integration of sustainability into the strategy of organizations
People management (knowledge workers) 
Education & facilitation in sustainability and management

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