Nicolas Denis Lorne, Director and co-founder

In 2016, co-founded Waterpreneurs, an initiative that creates greater access to safe affordable water and sanitation for low-income populations. Waterpreneurs supports the scaling-up of impact investments financing the growth of local water entrepreneurs who are complying with the human rights to water.

Striving for a socially and environmentally sustainable world.


30 years in the private sector (Farming, Construction, Electronic, Heat exchangers, Food & Beverage, Consulting) and the not-for-profit sector (board member of SEDEX, pro-bono support to WaterLex and skilled volunteering with the Red Cross), in various functions (sales, finance, is/it, industrial performance, human resources, change management, multi-stakeholders partnerships, ethics, and compliance) and in countries including Argentina, Australia, France, Ghana, Hong-Kong, Mexico, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK.

Bringing a holistic, systemic and long-term perspective, a pragmatic approach to solutions, a can-do attitude and a capacity to engage with all stakeholders.