Mohammed Bany-Mustafa

Mohammed Bany-Mustafa


Eng. Bany-Mustafa graduated with a master degree in Hydroinformatics Engineering from the Netherlands is a chartered principal water and IT engineer who has more than 30m years' of consistence experience in the multi-disciplinary planning and management of water resources systems, integrated water resources management and national water master planing, water information system, water decision support system, water resources monitoring network, flash floods in Wadi Systems, disaster risk reduction and water harvesting.


Has provided direction, leadership project management and technical assistance at all levels for projects dealing with integrated water resources management, water information, flash flood and risk reduction, hydrometeorological network automation, hydrological and hydraulic analysis and modelling; data collection/quality control/management & processing; flood risk assessment, flood prevention; modelling and management; planning, design tender dossiers of water information system, water infrastructures; asset management; water quality and water sector key indicators analysis, pollution prevention, Master Planning.


Involved in a large variety of multi-disciplinary rolls in senior positions, Technical Assistances , project management and representing Jordan to the Union for the Mediterranean Process ; as a senior; director of monitoring and water resources study department, Director of the Management Information System department, director of the international cooperation department; as a project manager , project manager of the National water information system, National Focal Point Coordinator for the Euro-Mediterranean Water Information System (EMWIS), coordinator of the Information Technology Master Plan project, Financial Accounting System project, Water Management Expert or Technical Advisor - in various funded project,  and has worked on projects funded by USAID, British (incl. DFID), French (incl. AFD), EU (incl. ENP), EIB, UNDP/GEF, World Bank and the Islamic Development Bank. Experience in working with government and local agencies responsible for environmental and water management. Participated in numerous number of Government committees including those concerned with the establishment of Water Document Centre, GIS Unit, and a Regional Waternet and Research Centre. Has also taken an active part in numerous international conferences, (co-chairing some which held under the UfM process), and acted as technical reviewer for several of the Ministry’s Water and information technology projects.


Strong knowledge of European water and environmental issues and the implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive , of water management policies and integrated water resources management.


Wide practical experience of the EU project cycle management, the logical framework approach.


Over the years, he has also gained wide experience in all aspects of project management and project cycles, including identification, formulation, development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, preparation and review of project outputs, financial aspects of projects, and coordination of multidisciplinary teams (including recruitment and management). He is bilingual in Arabic and English.


Previous experience in capacity building activities based on key lessons learnt, best practice, economically viable implementation and environmental sustainability of water resources, water uses & management, training of technical staff and institution strengthening for the sustainable operation and maintenance of water management & water information system and data collection and quality control.


Participatory approach, liaising with population, key stakeholders, local and central government bodies, clients and international funding institutions at all levels.


Good communication and presentation skills and flexibility and skills to work effectively as an independent consultant or within multidisciplinary teams of different cultural backgrounds.