María Belén Noroña, Water Management Consultant at Freelance, self-employed

María Belén Noroña, Water Management Consultant at Freelance, self-employedMy professional life I started in the marketing world, complementing with advertising, trade management and some finance, working on important companies such as Henkel, McCann Erikson and MTV-VH1. Moreover, due to my family background, I turned my interests to the water and environmental sector where I obtain my MSc on Water Services Management in Holland at UNESCO-IHE.
I worked on the first water fund which is located in Quito/Ecuador (FONAG) where I coordinated a project to replicate the model in other water funds all over the country. This project was funded by USAID. After that I focused on my family business concerning ground water and water treatment; my activity was mainly on the administrative side. All along I`ve been updating my knowledge with seminars and courses. I can mention that I am results-oriented and find creative solutions to problems. Talent to teamwork and willingness to learn and take on additional work. Comfortable working in a bilingual environment

On the side I launched a clothing line with a partner, it is based on multifunction and sustainability.