Marcus Griswold

Marcus GriswoldMaking science understandable, usable and applicable for NGOs, Communities and Government Agencies. Focus areas: Water resources, climate change, aquatic ecology, energy, and social equity.

Broadly trained leader and interdisciplinary ecologist with demonstrated skills in translating science to policy and to diverse audiences through synthesis and workshops. I transitioned away from scientific research to meet the substantial gap between scientific information and usability for those striving to improve the protection of natural resources and disadvantaged communities - both of whom are often most affected by environmental policy, yet least heard by policymakers.

Using a results-oriented and balanced framework, I strive to develop and enhance connections between disparate disciplines, specifically bridging the gaps between science, policy, education, and communications. I have nearly 15 years of experience as a scientist and 6 years of experience in organizational development and strategic planning, bringing groups together to create new initiatives and strengthen existing programs.

Specialties: Capacity Building, Climate Change, Policy, Strategic Planning, Community Engagement, Watershed and Community Planning, Aquatic Ecology, Spatial Analysis, Surface and Groundwater Quality and Quantity Management, Ecosystem Restoration, Invasive Species, Entomology, Energy