JaeKoo Hwang, CEO at Seong Win micro bubble

JaeKoo Hwang, CEO at Seong Win micro bubblewe are factory of SWC nano micro bubble system.

Practical application.

growth promotion property, Sterilization property, environmental purification property, medical field, ,living body activation property, cell protection property…

  1. Fish farms, Oyster farm and Oyster cleaning.
  2. Dairy waste and other agricultural effluent streams. (Agricultural markets including  hydroponics, Green House,), Algae blooms.
  3. Waste water treatment (sewage and factory waste water).
  4. Fermentation.
  5. Colloidal solids such as phosphates as well as coal ponds and other mineral processes.
  6. Industrial and commercial processes with a liquid waste stream (example brewing, corn ethanol), where large water usage is needed.
  7. Dissolved minerals (nitrates etc.).
  8. Dredging applications.
  9. Evaporation applications.
  10. Restaurants, commercial markets.
  11. Cleaning property, Commercial laundries.
  12. Oil and gas applications – particularly salt-water disposal wells and produced (production) water.
  13. Medical markets (skin clinic, skincare, anti-aging, skin beauty.).
  14. Dentists
  15. Skincare, skin beauty, Anti-aging, Spas and hot-tubs, Hotels,
  16. Swimming pools.
  17. Home/domestic water use (Personal health care, showers… etc.).
  18. Relieve all kinds of pain, blood circulation, fatigue, skin care, skin health, improve all kinds of skin diseases.…etc