Cristina Migliaro, Business Development Manager

Mrs. Migliaro provides 24 years of professional experience as a consultant and project manager focused on economic development and logistics matters, preparation of business plans, and analysis of services and infrastructures (transport, water, rural) related to land and intermodal transport.

Following her formal career it includes specialist as transport economist in academic environment, as transport investment analyst in a leading international maritime consultancy company, strategic and business development consultant in European ports, maritime administration and port logistics specialist in a global development bank.

She brings strong experience in territorial marketing and socio-economic studies focusing on private sector development. She has worked in standard, trade development and quality infrastructure sectors. Leading international and multicultural teams, she completed extensive infrastructure projects with the World Bank, tackled various institutional reforms in EU-funded projects, realized post-conflict assessments under stressful conditions.

Mrs. Migliaro has developed and implemented internationally funded projects since 2007, mainly in Africa and Central Asia. She has deep knowledge of international funding institution guidelines and procedures, the preparation of consortia, implementation of donor-funded projects in trade and quality infrastructure, transport infrastructure, the environment and logistics. As a project director, she has dealt with all backstopping activities (EU, WB, EBRD, BEI, etc.). Mrs. Migliaro brings deep knowledge of North Africa and the Balkans region. She also has deep experience in capacity building activities and developing relationships with local authorities such as ministries, EU Delegations and development agencies.