Catherine Bezerra-Fisher, Founder

Catherine Bezerra-Fisher, Founder

Being a citizen of both Brazil and the USA has provided me with the opportunity to view critical world issues from different perspectives. For example, water can be plentiful in the USA, while other parts of the world fight to survive water scarcity, just as the mega-city of Sao Paulo, Brazil recently experienced. If such a water crisis could transpire in Brazil, a country that has 20% of the World’s water supply, one is inevitably forced to think about where the rest of the world will be in 20 years from now. The investment bank Goldman Sachs provides insight by estimating that the world's water use will double in this time-frame. Unfortunately, this problem is even more acute in Third-World countries.

So with the world's thirst for water ever increasing as the population grows, and as water supplies dwindle, we're now facing what literally could become the greatest water crisis ever — and climate change is only part of the problem.

To that end, I ask your assistance via backing in our upcoming Summer 2018 KickStarter portable water treatment humanitarian project.

Please help by signing up for our 2018 project future backer list at: - We're actively building our supporter community and greatly need your help.


I hope you'll join us.