Carolina Acosta

Carolina Acosta

Environmental Engineer, from the University Libre, Colombia; Integral Internal Auditor HSEQ SGS international; and Master’s Degree candidate in Water Management from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Professional and academic emphasis in developing tools applied to integrated water management resources and water safety as well, risk management, and global change impact in hydrological ecosystem services.


Work experience in multiple areas including diagnosis, monitoring and evaluation of environmental matrices, especially water quality and consumption; development of risk analysis for extreme hydrological events through satellite monitoring tools; quality assessment, treatment and water use; formulation of integrated water resource management plans; development and implementation of integrated management systems under ISO standards; development and implementation of integrated solid waste management plans; design and execution of programs aimed at sustainable development; and  reduction of social-environmental impacts through environmental education.


Modeling proficiency in HEC RAS ​​and HEC EFM software; remote sensing analysis and Software Management in Geographic Information System SIG (ARCGIS 10.1) and QGIS 2.18.10.


As a professional in the industry, I posses strong ethical values, knowledge, and great passion. I am a versatile and proactivity team player.